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Wicked Foods will never share your data. We never spam - especially not on sandwiches. You can unsubscribe anytime from our occassional, really helpful emails about making corporate catering easier.

Step 1- Login

Assuming you have already registered you can login with your email address and password at the top right of the homepage. You can also login during the order process.

Step 2- Browse Menus

You can use the Search function search_btn-1 to look for a specific catering menu item eg. "sandwich" or head straight to our menus which split items based on occasion (eg. Lunch) or food type (eg. Cakes). 

The product photo is as realistic as possible and should have a caption telling you exactly what is in the photo.

The description for each menu item will indicate whether you are ordering per person, per platter or some other unit of measurement.

Step 3- Select Your Food 

Please do one order for each delivery.

Type the amount of each item you need and click on the btn_add_order  button after each item.

As you load your shopping basket it will expand so you should be able to see the top 3-4 items - if you have more than this green scrolling arrows will appear at the top and base of the cart.

You need to order your tableware (plates/serviettes/cutlery/cups) from the Drinks Etc menu. 

Step 4- Finalise Your Order

Click on the finialise_order button at the bottom of the corporate catering "shopping cart".

Now you can review your order - you can select a packaging typechange quantities ordered (simply change the number in the quantity box and press enter or click outside the box), you can delete items (click on the trash icon) or add items (simply return to the food menus by clicking the Food Menus link).

Step 5- Delivery Details

Click on the btn_proceed_to_delivery_detail button.

Now select or add a Delivery Address - all delivery addresses will be saved for future orders.

Select a Delivery Date and a Delivery Time - Choose a day from the drop down calendar and enter a time hours and minutes (5 minute intervals). Cold food will arrive up to 30 mins prior to your nominated time, Hot food will arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before your nominated time.

Normal delivery times are Mon-Fri 7am-5pm. Orders can be placed online on the day up to 90 minutes before delivery but we may have to substitute some menu items - we will consult with you first.

After Hours/Weekend Delivery - Restrictions Apply Click Here

If you have Reward Points or a Coupon code enter the details and press btn_update

Add any Delivery Instructions to help our Wicked drivers

Add any Special Food Requirements (Dietary Needs etc)

Tell us how many people you are catering for - helps us to help you

Step 6- Checkout

Do a final check of all the Wicked items you have ordered.

Choose your complimentary Wicked snack (for orders over $120).

Enter your payment details (Visa, Mastercard, Amex all fee free)

Check the Wicked Terms and Conditions Box then click on finialise_order

Step 7- Confirmation

Wicked Foods Customer Service Team will review your order and then email you a confirmation and invoice. Please check this email as we may have additional questions. Double check that you have chosen the right date and location (in the email header).

You will also receive an email from Eway with your credit card payment receipt.


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